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As an aspiring entrepreneur, choosing the franchise that fits your unique personality and professional goals are a tough task. Afterwards, choosing the right location for your franchise can be equally challenging. With The UPS Store, you're confidently backed by a dedicated support staff that works to identify the best franchise opportunities at the desired location for you.

Browse below to learn more about some of our featured markets. And if you don't see an area that interests you, don't worry, The UPS Store offers franchise opportunities in markets all across the country. Call or fill out the form to the right for more information on opportunities available in your area and elsewhere.

Franchise Opportunities in New Wilmington

Franchise Opportunities in Palatka, FL

Franchise Opportunities in West Valley City

west valley city

Franchise Opportunities in Northeastern OH

Franchise Opportunities in Washington, PA

Franchise Opportunities in Springfield, IL

Springfield, Illinois

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