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Colleges & Universities

Bring a The UPS Store® center to your campus and provide convenient printing, shipping, parcel and mail management services, innovative solutions and exceptional service to students, staff and faculty.

The inside of a The UPS Store location on a college campusThe inside of a The UPS Store location on a college campus

Table of Contents

An employee sorting mail inside a The UPS Store location on a college campus

On-Campus Solutions

A New Class of On-Campus Solutions

  • Residential Life Mailroom Management: All the help without the hassle
  • Campus Mail Management: Added convenience for staff and faculty
  • Personal Parcel Receiving Services: A secure spot for package pickup
  • Campus Print Services: No job is too big or too small
  • Move-In / Move-Out Assistance: We pack and ship it all

You help transform the future. A The UPS Store® center can transform your business solutions so you can concentrate on inspiring and empowering the new generations that are building the future.

Outside view of The UPS Store on a college campus

An LSU student walking out of The UPS Store with a package

Louisiana State University

The UPS Store® Center Brings Valuable Services to LSU

With such a large and diverse community, Louisiana State University (LSU) needed a trusted partner and a team of experts to help serve their needs--from package and mail receiving to shipping and printing. A The UPS Store® center was a natural fit.

Customized Solutions

Located on the first floor of LSU's Student Union, The UPS Store® location sits at the heart of the university, providing easy access to serve the student body, staff and faculty. Having taken over the previous mailroom, the center manages all mail operations on behalf of the school, including 5,500 student mailboxes and hundreds of packages on any given day.

Quality, Convenient Printing and More

In addition to packing and shipping, printing is the biggest service utilized at The UPS Store® location on LSU's campus. Undergraduate students take advantage of printing services for resumes, while graduate and doctoral students appreciate the ease of printing large research posters.

The center offers administrative departments and student organizations access to high-quality print machines with the convenience of an on-campus print production facility.

A The UPS Store employee printing a large banner

Arizona State University

Parcel & Mail Management for ASU's Massive Campus

With a massive student body, handling mail and packages at ASU was similar to managing postal, parcel and shipping services for a small city. When the university handled mail for its 13,000+ residents, they had a manual system which delivered mail to each residence hall. Students were hired to sort and deliver mail throughout campus without a database or tracking system, which led to lost packages and misplaced mail. The university experienced unpredictable replacement expenses.

Streamlined Services

ASU administrators partnered with the experts at The UPS Store® center to streamline their student parcel and mail management services. 14 delivery locations were condensed into two center locations and a state-of-the-art Parcel Management System was implemented to monitor packages after delivery and improve delivery accuracy.

The two The UPS Store® locations on campus provide parcel and mail management services to approximately 9,000 student mailboxes. In addition to eliminating lost packages and mail, The UPS Store® network created custom solutions, such as "Home-to-Home" delivery services which help students move in and out of campus residences more efficiently.

Student Employment

In partnership with ASU, The UPS Store® locations employ around 30 students. Center management takes into account the students' individual class schedules to ensure they can balance work and academic success.

A student reading mail at The UPS Store

Florida State University

Postal and Upgraded Printing Services at FSU

The UPS Store® franchise was originally contracted to provide on-site postal services for FSU, but soon after, the university took advantage of the greater capabilities of a The UPS Store® center to address its campus-wide printing needs.

Campus Print Services

With over 40,000 students enrolled, FSU has a never-ending list of major print requests, including stationery, newsletters, invitations, manuals and student handbooks, coming from the various divisions and sectors of the university.

By partnering with The UPS Store® franchise, FSU has an enterprise-wide resource for not just students and faculty, but the entire academic departments, the individual colleges comprising the university and the institution as a whole.

Three students walking out of a campus The UPS Store

The UPS Store® Solution

The UPS Store® franchisee upgraded FSU's existing "Print Shop" infrastructure and services by installing new enterprise-level copiers and equipment, and staffed the FSU Print Shop with adequate full and part-time employees. In doing so, The UPS Store® campus location has become Florida State University's operational partner, successfully offloading campus print services and freeing up time for school administration.

The UPS Store® location on FSU's campus manages and is the sole provider of all enterprise-level on-campus print services while still serving its more traditional role as a retailer of print, packaging, shipping and other services for students, faculty and staff.

The UPS Store at FSU provides additional print services:

  • Wide-format (signs, banners, posters, etc.)
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Binding
  • Proposals
  • Event tickets
  • Game day programs for sporting events
  • Course books
  • Promotional materials

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