Minority Franchise Opportunities

ups-store-franchiseeDid you know that one of the fastest-growing sectors in franchising is minority-owned businesses? Based on its sample, the NMFI estimates that about 16% of all active franchises in North America are owned by minorities. That number is up from 8-10 percent participation 10 years ago.

The UPS Store is proud of its minority-owned franchises. Individuals who provide exceptional customer service and value to their communities have been a springboard for the increasing number of minority franchise opportunities The UPS Store offers across the U.S.

Is The UPS Store the Right Fit for You?

The values and commitment to success that our minority-owned franchisees have complement what The UPS Store stands for. That synergy goes a long way.

Here’s a look at the profile of UPS Store owners:

Passionate About Their Business

  • Dedicated to making their business work
  • Able to effectively manage time and resources
  • Proactive in marketing and generating sales

Enjoy Working with the Public

  • Understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service
  • Have strong problem solving skills
  • Be considerate of others

Committed to Best Practices

  • Able to work well with others
  • Willing to learn new systems and procedures
  • Eager to contribute to overall success of the network

Do you see yourself in this profile? Many of our minority franchisees do and that’s why they are successful. Contact us today to learn more about minority franchise opportunities with The UPS Store.

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