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How to Become a Franchisee

Owning your own business can be a very rewarding experience. Joining a franchise network, over going it alone to build your business from the ground up, comes with many advantages. It’s still not easy to decide what type of business opportunity to pursue and learning how to buy a franchise can seem daunting. That’s why we are committed to providing potential franchisees comprehensive information to help decide if owning a The UPS Store center is the best option for them. We’ve also broken down the franchise approval process into four easy steps:  Inquiry, Application, Funding and Booking.

Step 1:  Inquiry

Attend a national webinar - If you’re interested in owning a The UPS Store, check out one of our weekly webinars to find out if this is the right fit for you and learn more about the nationwide franchise opportunities available. We also host live events to discuss opportunities in specific areas. Check our calendar of events to see what’s coming up and register to attend.

Complete an application - Once you’ve had a chance to learn about the franchise opportunities offered by The UPS Store, we invite you to complete a franchise application. The application allows us to learn a little more about you including your experience, education, background, interests, aspirations and financial status. Applications are kept confidential and are non-binding. Submitting an application does not mean you are obligated to purchase a franchise location.

Step 2:  Application

First interview - After reviewing your application, a representative from our franchise development team will contact you for a personal interview. During this stage, our objective is to help determine if your goals and values are aligned with the brand to ensure The UPS Store is a mutually beneficial fit. We’ll have a more in-depth discussion based on the information provided on your application and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Review franchise disclosure - The next step is to review the Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD. This legal disclosure contains essential information potential franchisees must take into careful consideration before buying a franchise. It underlies the franchise agreement, which is the formal sales contract, and outlines your responsibilities as a franchisee and our responsibilities as a franchisor. The FDD covers 23 categories called “items” and covers information including franchisor background, litigation history, financial statements, trademarks/patents/copyrights and proprietary information as well as an outline of fees including the initial franchise fee, other fees and expenses and an estimate of the total initial investment.

Validation and due diligence - Do your homework. Carefully review the FDD and conduct thorough research to evaluate the franchise opportunity offered by The UPS Store. We encourage you to reach out to our franchise network and talk with existing franchisees to gain insight into what franchise ownership is like from potential peers. When you become part of The UPS Store, you become part of the family. We believe in investing in your success and our owners have a strong sense of collaboration and camaraderie, helping one another and learning from each other’s successes.

Submit financials - Although startup costs with The UPS Store vary based on the type, size and location of the franchise, we want to help ensure that all owners can capitalize on their investment. Prospective The UPS Store franchisees must meet certain minimum financial requirements, including at least $60,000 in liquid assets. This requirement can be met with any combination of cash, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, retirement accounts or other non-borrowed sources. If you don’t meet the financial qualifications, a qualified co-applicant may assist in meeting this requirement.

Executive interview - The UPS Store is committed to the success of our franchisees. The executive interview will give you the opportunity to get to know members of the leadership team and share the value you will bring to the brand as a franchisee. 

Step 3:  Funding

Sign letter of intent - Once due diligence has been conducted, financial requirements are met and both parties are satisfied after the interviews, the next step is to sign a letter of intent. This is a formal communication that indicates, in writing, your intent to pursue owning a The UPS Store location.

Submit initial application fee - Your initial application fee will be collected when the letter of intent is signed. This is an upfront, one-time, fee that covers your right to use The UPS Store trademarks, name and related business systems.

Receive approval letter - Upon our receipt of the letter of intent and initial application fee, you will be sent an approval letter stating that you will be awarded a The UPS Store franchise location.

Step 4:  Booking

Sign franchise agreement – Things really start to come together in the last step of the franchise approval process. The franchise agreement and any additional relevant forms will be signed.

Secure financing - If financing was requested, it will be secured during this step. There are a variety of flexible franchise financing options available to ensure every The UPS Store franchisee starts their journey off on the right track. We can provide access to financing resources to qualified franchisees through our association with Guidant Financial. Special discounts are also available for Veterans.

Site approval/sign lease - Once funding is squared away, it’s time to select a site and sign the lease. The UPS Store has franchise opportunities available across the country, including existing centers for sale that are ready for business under new ownership and new centers for development in open markets. Our franchise development team will work with you to find a suitable location in your preferred market, based on the company’s overall franchise system expansion goals and site selection criteria.  Geographic location is a critical factor when opening a new The UPS Store location. We will use market research from our Real Estate Development Department and consider various factors like parking availability, foot traffic and competition to help evaluate the business potential of a new site. Although we must approve the location of your center, the final decision and responsibility of site selection will be yours.

To maintain a consistent and high-quality brand image, The UPS Store also assists franchisees with the design of their center well. Once your location has been approved, we’ll work with you to begin the store development and construction process using a prototype floor plan, design criteria, equipment list and other specifications for construction.

Complete 5-week training - The final step culminates with completing the training you will need to be prepared to successfully run your business. The UPS Store provides an award-winning, comprehensive training program to give new franchise owners the tools, strategies and knowledge they’ll need to launch and grow their businesses. The four-phase training program includes 40-45 hours of web-based trainings that provide a solid understanding of store operations and business acumen. This provides the foundation for the next phase, a five-day, in-store experience in a The UPS Store Certified Training Center. Phase three is a ten-day university business course and print services training. This interactive workshop focuses on business acumen and intensive hands-on print services training on the equipment, software, techniques and in-center production to manage and grow print services. Training wraps up with another five-days at a Certified Training Center spent reviewing store operations, technical systems and print services. Once you’ve finished training, you’ll have the knowledge and tools needed to confidently run your own store. But, you’re never on your own. The support and guidance from our experienced staff will continue far beyond the grand opening.

The goal of any franchise approval process is to ensure potential franchisees have a clear understanding of the business and their roles and responsibilities as an owner. It also helps the franchisor determine if a candidate will be a suitable fit for the business and is primed for success.

The UPS Store has many opportunities available to help you achieve your dreams of franchise ownership. We’re here to help you learn how to buy a franchise in our network and look forward to providing guidance throughout the process. Get the ball rolling by reaching out to our franchise development team, joining one of our weekly webinars or attending a live event in your area.