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"The reason my husband and I decided to go into franchising and specifically with the ups store, is the different opportunities we're given with the business. The UPS Store, has name recognition as well as opportunities to expand."

- Kristin Howard

“I think the thing that makes this franchise successful is a number of things, first of all we have an outstanding system, we have a great product, a great brand and we're able to attract dynamic people to run these centers and run the business. So I think when you put all that together it really provides for a winning combination.”

- Don Pollard

“I think that this franchise is so successful because of all of the resources that are available to us as center owners we have marketing materials we have so many different opportunities for help from the home office and it just really makes for a great franchise.”

- Stacie Stigar

“With the products and services that The UPS Store provides we can make a difference in people's lives and that is the best reason for being a UPS Store owner.”

- Tad Mollnhauer

“I love my customers. I love my employees, I love every person, every face that comes into my store. I enjoy every day going into work and I can't see doing anything else for the rest of my life.”

- Jeff Graham

“It's not a corporate, it's that person's livelihood, it's their families, it's their passion, and that comes through in how we treat our customers and then the service that they get when they walk into our store. The thing I enjoy most about being a UPS Store franchisee is I get to get up, go to work and know that I'm helping other business owners succeed in what they're doing it.”

- Heidi Morris

“One nice benefit of owning a The UPS Store franchise for me has been that it gives me the opportunity to be more involved in the community. Currently I am active with my local chamber of commerce, I'm on my church council, and I've recently joined the board of trustees for my kids' school. So it’s just been a great way to fulfill myself, but also its always been good for business too. As I make relationships with others it seems like no matter what the environment is, in one way or another business comes out of that and that's not my objective, it's been a secondary benefit to being involved in the community.”

- Paul Erchinger

"What I enjoy most about being a The UPS Store owner is working with my customers. We really love our customers from the minute they walk in the door. They have a problem and we make sure that we find a solution for them. We are the solution specialists for our customers."

-Debbie Adams

"There are several things that I really enjoy about being a The UPS Store Franchisee. First and foremost it allows me to get to know the people in the local community and that is a lot of fun. A UPS Store franchisee is much like a barber shop or a beautician shop in the local communities we serve. We get to see people on a regular basis. We get to know their life stories. We get to see their children graduate from high school, maturate into college and we get to understand what's going on in their lives. That's a lot of fun. This job is not boring. The stories change each and every day."

-Chris Reminder

"Since we have joined The UPS Store, our life has changed by just the more time that we have had to spend together as a family. We've been very fortunate with the stores that we have and we have a great staff that looks out for our best interest and we look out for theirs and so it affords us the time off to do what we want to do and has thus far has met all of our goals within owning our own business."

-Bruce Jones

"Owning a UPS Store franchise has changed my life because its finally given me the opportunity to engage my customers and my staff and be able to take real pride in what I do. As a franchisee, we get faced with solving peoples' problems every day and we do everything we possibly can to try to help. We help customers that have no clue what they're coming into my store for and being able to have the answers and the solutions that helps them get what they want done above and beyond what they even thought of. It's just a great feeling."

-Bob Brown

"What makes The UPS Store so successful or the franchising part of it so successful is it gives each individual an opportunity to grow with the network and adapt to their clientele and their customers and just meet the challenges that are brought to them on a daily basis. Everyday gives us a new opportunity to help another person, to help another small business, to answer a question and to solve a problem."

-Lonnie Williams

"My favorite thing about the UPS Store is the variety. I love the variety of customers, I love the variety of services; getting to know the customers, meeting their need, finding out how we can help them accomplish what they need to accomplish and seeing how happy they are. That makes me ecstatic."

-Marie Jensen

"One of the things that I love about The UPS Store franchise system is that you're not ever in this by yourself. If you have a need or a question or something, whether it's home office or your fellow franchisee down the street, or somebody all the way across the country, someone is always there to help. The franchisees of The UPS Store network are great."

-Mariana Huberman
Mary Ellen Nichols

"The thing I love about the franchise is that you have the UPS name backing you but yet you also have the autonomy to make your own decisions to promote. So I think it's very successful because of the franchisees and because we're the ones caring about our customers and making the stores run day-to-day."

-Mary Ellen Nichols
Henry Brassel

"What I enjoy most about being a part of The UPS Store network and owning The UPS Store is the customer contact that I have on a daily basis. I get to know my customers within the small community that my stores are in and as I'm able to relate to them and their needs they in turn relate to me and my staff and that brings about increase business across the board."

-Henry Brassel
Paul Barry

Owning my own The UPS Store has helped me achieve some financial goals for myself and it's made me more independent. I can spend the time to work on my business and grow it to help my needs as well as what I need for my family."

-Paul Barry
Bill Soeters

"The thing I really enjoy about being the owner and operator of The UPS Store is that I see a diverse group of people every single day and I'm really plugged into the community. I really enjoy helping people with things that are very important to them."

-Bill Soeters
Kristie Robison

"I would say owning The UPS Store has changed my life to where I have more time and flexibility. In owning your own business you get your store up and running and you get employees that you can trust that are gonna help keep your store running. This allows me to attend my two boys ball games and also travel and do things with them so it has really changed my life for the better."

-Kristie Robison
John Nichols

"The best thing I love about The UPS Store franchise is that it is something different every day. You get to deal with and you have that customer interaction. There's always a different problem and a different solution. You're always being able to provide something for the customer."

-John Nichols
Michael Kelley

"Owning my own business is the most intense thing I've ever done in my life. You wake up, you go to bed, you dream it. It's your everyday. At the same time though you and your associates are working for your future and not somebody else's so it becomes the most rewarding experience you have as well."

-Michael Kelley
Stacie Stigar

"What I enjoy most about being a franchisee with The UPS Store is the opportunities that it affords me for networking, for meeting people that are in the same business as me, for being able to ingrain myself in my community and to come up with solutions to help our customers and just be a part of something bigger that Palmer, Alaska."

-Stacie Stigar
Brandon Phillips

“The benefit of having your own UPS Store is having control of your own destiny and you can make the decision on how far you're willing to take that business.”

-Brandon Phillips
Donna Trainor

“Owning my own UPS Store has changed my life tremendously. I am a single parent and being able to have the free time to be able to go to their functions has given me a different lifestyle with my children versus someone dictating to me when I can leave, where I can go, and what I can do.”

-Donna Trainor
Jim George

“Owning our own UPS Store has really changed our lives. We get to spend time with people in our community. The customers that come in, some of them have been friends for a long time, and some of them have become friends. It has brought us more focused in on where we live and the people that we live with.”

-Jim George
Melissa Thomas

“Financially, The UPS Store has made a huge difference in our lives. We're putting 3 kids through college and that's not easy, but this has given us the opportunity to create the life for our family that we intended. It has definitely met our expectations.”

-Melissa Thomas
Dan Winston

“The biggest benefit for me of being a franchise owner is being able to be a problem solver for other small businesses. Being able to work with my customers to show them how they can grow their business and keep their costs down is really gratifying.”

-Dan Winston

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