The UPS Store Franchise Information – Frequently Asked Questions

Hundreds of entrepreneurs benefit from The UPS Store franchise ownership. Now it’s your turn. Our network has more than 35 years of franchising experience. We've learned what works through the years, and you benefit from that knowledge. The UPS Store provides extensive training and support in financing opportunities to marketing, helping your business grow and serve your small business community. We’re expanding nationwide!

What are the financial requirements to be considered?

Franchisees must meet The UPS Store minimum financial requirements and be in a position to capitalize the franchise investment, including working capital and any personal living expenses during the set-up period. Startup costs vary based on the size and location of your new UPS Store center.

Based on the center's location and size, the total initial investment cost for a new UPS Store center at a traditional location ranges from $159,224- $434,521*. We require all prospective franchisees be able to verify a minimum of $60,000--100,000 in liquid assets.* This is met through any combination of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, or other non-borrowed source. A co-applicant may also assist in meeting this requirement.

*Meeting this requirement does not guarantee the awarding of a franchise.

How much can I expect to earn as a franchisee of The UPS Store?

The Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations restrict our ability to share specific profit projections outside our Franchise Disclosure Document.

To learn more about the financial aspects of franchising with The UPS Store, we provide you our Franchise Disclosure Document with certain financial disclosures when you are further along in the evaluation process.

You will have the opportunity to speak with our franchisees as well. We encourage you to reach out to them to gain a better understanding of the potential of the business.

Where will my The UPS Store be located?

We’re expanding in all 50 states and will work closely with you on finding the location with the most potential.
Each UPS Store franchisee has a protected geographic territory that ensures no other traditional UPS Store location will be placed in that area.

How long will it take to get my The UPS Store up and running?

We estimate that the typical length of time between signing the Franchise Agreement and opening the franchised business will be 60 to 100 days.

The information listed in these Frequently Asked Questions is not an offer to sell a franchise. Any franchise offer is made only after a Franchise Disclosure Document has been provided.

To learn more about franchising with The UPS Store and participate in a live question and answer session, attend one of our weekly webinars.

Do you offer financing assistance?

Do you offer assistance to military veterans?

Can I own more than one The UPS Store location?

What kind of support does The UPS Store provide my franchise?

What kind of training does The UPS Store provide to its franchisees?

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