Retiree Franchise Opportunities

ups-store-franchiseeRetiring may sound like a welcome respite in the short term, but many retirees complain of boredom after the initial excitement of not having to work wears off. A recent AARP study found that 76% of retirees work post-retirement because they need the money, while an equal number reported they worked for the enjoyment of it.

Retirement today is a lot more complex than it was yesterday. Many individuals find their second wind in life as a franchisee. With experience, wisdom, and financial resources, many 50+ Americans are in a better position to run a successful franchise. The UPS Store provides retiree franchise opportunities nationwide to seasoned business professionals.

Here’s a look at our 50+ profile who have found success in their second career:

Passionate About Their Business

  • Dedicated to making their business work
  • Excited about being the boss
  • Able to effectively manage time and resources
  • Proactive in marketing and generating sales
  • Comfortable following an established system

Enjoy Working with the Public

  • Understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service
  • Be a good listener
  • Have strong problem solving skills
  • Be considerate of others

Committed to Best Practices

  • Able to work well with others
  • Willing to learn new systems and procedures
  • Eager to contribute to overall success of the network

Financial Requirements

  • Ability to meet minimum financial requirements
  • Be in a position to capitalize the franchise investment
  • Total initial investment: $159,224 to $434,521*
  • Minimum liquid asset required: $60,000 – $100,000**

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* Subject to change. See Franchise Disclosure Document for current amounts.
**Meeting this requirement does not guarantee the awarding of a franchise

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