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What Benefits Do Franchise Owners Get?

Benefits Available to Franchise Owners

Benefits can refer to a variety of aspects, from financial to operational to personal. Learn more to help you determine if franchise ownership could be the right opportunity for you.

Brand Recognition

The most advantageous benefit of owning a franchise is the brand recognition you can leverage. Investing in a well-known brand name with an established reputation can help a business owner bypass months or even years of market research and testing time that may traditionally be involved in starting a business from scratch. When you become a franchisee, you gain access to the brand and can begin using and operating under the recognized brand name, along with everything associated with it. Existing marketing and advertising campaigns, whether national, regional, or local will benefit and contribute to customer loyalty at each franchise location.

The UPS Store offers franchise opportunities backed by a nationally renowned brand name that’s been consistently recognized by business organizations and media outlets.

Reduced Risk

Becoming a franchise owner, or owner of any type of business for that matter, can come with a multitude of risks. Owning a business involves a significant financial investment, along with time and personal dedication.

Franchise owners see a benefit in franchising as it provides a more cost-effective way to go into business for yourself, compared to starting a business from scratch. When considering the possibility of becoming a franchisee, you’ll perform extensive research and conduct due diligence to have a better expectation of what the opportunity will entail, and this process will help set expectations of cost and profit involved in your potential opportunity.

Franchise owners can estimate costs more efficiently than a from-scratch business owner could, due to the nature of the franchise system. And depending on the length of time that a franchise system has been operating, it’s likely there is a very reliable estimate of costs for which franchisees are responsible.

Another way being a franchise owner can reduce risk is having a strong network. When issues or challenges arise during business operations, it’s likely those same issues have already been experienced by other franchisees. Franchise owners can benefit from the shared challenges and success stories shared among their network, as well as the corporate team.

The vast network of The UPS Store retail owners is over 5,100 strong and prides itself on sharing experiences to encourage the growth of its franchisees and locations.

Operational Structure

Another benefit that franchise owners get is access to a proven operational structure. Having guidelines and this structure in place takes a significant portion of the guesswork out of doing business. Structure for daily operations, how to handle certain scenarios, and how the business must be run are included in the franchise agreement. This can include things like hours of operation, specific products or services to be sold, rules around procurement and supplies, pay scale for employees, processes and operating procedures, quality control measures, and much more.

Working For Yourself

One of the most common reasons people want to own a business is to have the flexibility to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and be your own boss. Whichever way you define it, the freedom of flexibility is one of the most significant benefits that franchise owners get. While there’s still a lot of time and hard work required to grow the business and build your team, there is still a lot of satisfaction in being your own boss.

Put Your Passion to Work

When you become a business owner, that business becomes a crucial part of your life. As such, it should align with your personal values as well as your financial goals.

As a retail owner with The UPS Store, you can help your local community including other small business owners, by offering valuable services like printing, direct mail, graphic design, and marketing services that help them grow as well. You can also play a mentorship role within your local team by focusing on training and the growth of individuals to help build your team and strengthen its value in terms of financial potential as well as value to the community.


Learn more about franchising opportunities with The UPS Store by contacting our franchise development team. Discuss the possibility of owning your own retail location and becoming a valuable part of The UPS Store network.