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Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

May is National Military Appreciation Month. In 1999, Congress started the tradition to give the nation the "chance to publicly show their appreciation for troops past and present." To commemorate the occasion this year, we wanted to take our appreciation to the next level. Which is why we’re launching Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship, a program to help a select group of qualified U.S. military veterans open their own The UPS Store franchise location.

To support this program, The UPS Store is putting up $300,000 to provide significant financial incentives for the first 10 eligible veterans who submit a completed buyer’s application packet. The UPS Store will award $29,950 in waived franchise fees to the selected veterans to help them get their franchise location up and running.

Our Commitment to Veteran Franchise Owners

The Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship program is just the latest effort in our ongoing dedication to serving those who have served us.

“The UPS Store, Inc. is deeply committed to helping veterans transition back into civilian life and achieve their dreams of owning a business,” said Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store, Inc. and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. “We are thrilled to launch Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship and offer this financial incentive to those who have given and sacrificed so much for our country.”

But this commitment isn’t just about altruism. The UPS Store understands that veterans are uniquely suited for franchise ownership, and they are an integral component of our business. According to the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran), at least 97 percent of franchisors believe that veterans would make excellent franchisees, with 70 percent hiring a veteran franchisee or employee in the last year alone.

Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Owners

There is a variety of reasons why veterans are well-suited for opening a franchise business. Chief among those reasons are the diverse skill sets and perspectives veterans develop during their military careers.

“It’s the teamwork that they come to understand. Veterans know how to follow plans. They’re going to thrive under pressure,” said Davis. “And they are steeped in discipline and hard work.”

“For me, it’s simple: veterans are going to add value to your brand.”

The UPS Store: A Proud Tradition of Veteran Franchise Owners

Over the years, The UPS Store has taken pride in helping veterans pursue their dreams of owning a business after their military careers, and the Military Times consistently ranks us as one of the best franchises for veteran owners. Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship, announced at the 2019 International Franchise Association (IFA) Convention, builds on our ongoing participation in VetFran to provide discounted franchise fees for qualified veterans, active military and their spouses. Of the approximately 4,800 The UPS Store locations in the United States, more than 400 are owned by veterans, and that number continues to grow.

For additional information on The UPS Store and our dedication to providing franchise opportunities for U.S. veterans, visit

What Our Veteran Owners Are Saying About Franchising with The UPS Store

Veterans across The UPS Store franchise system have consistently leveraged the skills and lessons they learned during their time in the military while running their business. Here’s what our veteran franchisees have to say about how their military experience has served them well after opening a franchise business with The UPS Store.

“As a veteran, you hold lots of pride, something you get to carry out in your business as a franchisee. To be able to take that strong sense of responsibility and apply it to your business is really important.”

  • Isaac Gonzalez, The UPS Store franchise owner (near a military base in Ruther Glen, VA), U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“I’m retired air force. I was medically retired after 10 and a half years of service. When I got out of there, I said, what am I going to do with myself? You know, I have all these skills, but I don't know what I want to do. I got a job as a project manager for a company for a year and was laid off… So, I decided to look for opportunities where it would be more something that I could control. The UPS Store happened to be one of those places that I looked because I was like, I have the skills to lead people, but I don't have the business skills and the franchise model has the systems in place to teach me. I looked at about five different franchises, and The UPS Store was the one that just seemed to me like they had their ducks in a row.” 

  • Ashwin Narayan, The UPS Store franchise owner (Oakwood, OH and Centerville, OH), U.S. Air Force veteran


“Probably the biggest way that my military service helped me prepare for a career with The UPS Store was not knowing what's coming and being prepared for the unexpected. Every day is different with The UPS Store. Additionally, the ability to manage people was a major benefit; it gave me the confidence when I opened my second location to develop a staff and then to trust them to do their job when I'm not there.”

  • Paul Erchinger, The UPS Store franchise owner (Belton, TX and Georgetown, TX), U.S. Army veteran


If you’re a military veteran interested in becoming a The UPS Store franchise owner, learn more about our Mission: Veteran Entrepreneurship program to see if you qualify. If you want to learn more about becoming a The UPS Store franchise owner, contact our franchise development team today.