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Planning Your Post-Military Career: The UPS Store Franchising for Veterans

Memorial Day is a time when we remember and show our appreciation for the women and men of the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedom. And, naturally, all members of the armed services are at the top of our minds around this time of year. At The UPS Store, we want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and support for active military and veterans as well.

The UPS Store is proud to help support veterans through franchise ownership programs and is a dedicated participant in the VetFran program. Since 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine has acknowledged that commitment by ranking The UPS Store as one of the top franchises for veterans.

Supporting veteran franchise ownership isn’t just the right thing to do though, it’s also a smart choice. Military service instills a variety of skills that lend themselves to being successful business owners. 

Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Owners

Nearly nine in 10 veterans and active duty service members expect to have a second career after the military, according to a 2015 survey by The UPS Store. However, the transition from active military life to the next career can be difficult. For many, the greatest challenge is finding employment after serving in a role or performing duties that aren’t easily described in a standard civilian resume. However, that doesn’t mean that veterans don’t have the necessary experience to succeed in business; it’s actually quite the opposite.

Here are some of the traits that a lot of veterans and great franchise owners share.


Serving in any branch of the military requires hard work and discipline. Every member of the team must work together and remain accountable for their actions to ensure a mission goes according to plan. You can’t give up in the middle of a mission because it’s too hard; you have to have the drive and commitment to push through.

Most people would agree that a business operation isn’t typically as intense as combat. But both require a dedication to the job and the ability to see things through. If you want to run a successful franchise, giving up in the middle of a big order or task isn’t an option. You’re in command, so to speak, and have to be focused, diligent and committed to getting the job done right. Especially when first starting and opening a franchise, the ability to give 100 percent and see the plan through is tremendously important.


What tends to draw most veterans to serve is either loyalty to their country or the ideals of their chosen military branch. That devotion to a cause translates well to small business ownership, where you need to be loyal to the community, your brand and customers who support you.

The UPS Store strongly encourages community involvement, and franchisees who are loyal to their customers are a great fit for that effort. Commitment to the brand and fellow franchisees is also very important as it helps to provide customers with a strong and consistent base of service throughout the network.


 In active duty, veterans follow a chain of command. There’s structure and planning behind different assignments, whether here or overseas. The military is well-known for its commitment to discipline and instilling that trait into each service member. It’s a trait that serves veterans well in civilian life as well.

When a veteran becomes a franchise owner, they must not only give clear and concise direction to their staff, but they must follow the branding and ownership guidelines set by the franchisor. Like a mission, there is a business plan that needs to be followed. As a franchise network, The UPS Store provides franchisees access to a solid business model, business strategy and support.  

Calm under pressure

Stressful, high-pressure situations are common in the military. Even when disciplined individuals are following well laid out plans, things can go sideways quickly. It’s something that Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store, Inc. and Gulf War veteran, knows well.

“In my time with the military and with The UPS Store, I know that things don’t always go exactly according to plan. It’s essential to be able to course correct and come up with a new plan,” said Davis in a piece for Franchising USA Magazine. “Quick thinking and the ability to stay calm under pressure are skills that veterans learn during their service that come in handy during challenging times.”


Members of the military are trained to be leaders. The ability to guide team members and find the best solutions, especially in high-stress situations, are key skills any business owner needs to be successful. Veterans and active duty service members are trained to lead by example and know that a strong work ethic filters through to the employees who work for them.

Strong leadership skills are essential when training and managing employees. Quality leaders instill confidence in their employees and trained to develop each team member to reach their potential.

How The UPS Store Helps Veterans Become Owners

The UPS Store offers $10,000 off the franchise fee, which includes 50 percent off the initial application fee, to qualifying veterans to help make franchise ownership possible.

As with all franchisees who join The UPS Store, veterans benefit from hands-on training, options for financing, location selection assistance and marketing tools and support.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Veteran Franchise Opportunities page.

 “The skills veterans develop through their military experience, such as leadership, work ethic and discipline, are integral to pursuing a second career. The UPS Store franchise allows veterans to apply these skills to manage and run their own business. We are proud to support veterans and help fulfill their aspirations to be successful business owners.”

Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store, Inc., former U.S. Marine Corps captain and Gulf War veteran