Opening The UPS Store Franchise at Arizona State University

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Opening The UPS Store Franchise at Arizona State University

About Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is a public metropolitan research university located on several campuses spread across the Phoenix, Ariz. Metropolitan Area. It is the largest public university in the United States by enrollment, with more than 70,000 students across all campuses. Currently, ASU ranks as one of the Top 25 research institutes in the U.S. and one of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report. ASU's campus housing accommodates one of the largest residential populations in the nation with over 13,000 residents: a figure that will increase each year as the university continues to build more on-campus housing.

The Client Challenge

With a large student body populating ASU’s campus, handling mail and packages was similar to managing postal, parcel and shipping services for a small city. When the university directly handled mail for on-campus students, they had a manual system which delivered mail individually to mailrooms inside each residence hall. They were tasked with hiring students to sort and deliver mail to multiple locations throughout campus, without a database or tracking system. The process led to issues with lost packages and misplaced mail.  And with claims of lost packages, the university experienced unpredictable replacement costs. 

Realizing that mailroom management was outside its area of expertise, ASU administrators decided to partner with an expert in the field — The UPS Store — to streamline their mailbox services. The UPS Store’s organization condensed 14 delivery locations into two non-traditional franchise store locations and implemented a state-of-the-art Parcel Management System to monitor and track packages during shipment. Implementing the system greatly improved delivery accuracy.

“We find that students order a lot of products online. Our package count continues to increase and we have the capabilities to handle the increases without forfeiting quality service,” said The UPS Store franchisee, David Anderson. 

“We are very pleased with our partnership with The UPS Store,” said ASU Senior Director Melissa Krewson. “The store provides a customer service oriented solution to mail management – interacting with our residents daily, while also providing added services by having a fully functional UPS Store with printing and packing services.” 

The two non-traditional stores on campus manage approximately 9,000 student mailboxes. In addition to virtually eliminating lost mail and packages, The UPS Store created custom solutions to make things easier for the university and its students, such as “home-to-home” delivery services and summer storage options. 

With The UPS Store’s custom shipping services, specifically their home-to-home services, The UPS Store at the ASU campus has completely streamlined the move in/out process to ease the challenges during fall and spring semesters. Before a student moves onto campus, The UPS Store sends boxes to their home address. The student returns them with their move-in items and the store delivers the boxes to their dorm rooms prior to their designated move-in date. The store also created software to manage the sign-up process, so students can enroll in home-to-home service online – making access to this service more convenient for students.

When students head home in the summer, The UPS Store also provides a variety of shipping options, as well as professional packing services and supplies to get their belongings home safe. For those needing to store items such as televisions and refrigerators, The UPS Store offers a temporary summer storage program between semesters. 

The UPS Store also allows students to continue renting their mailbox no matter how many times they move, either on or off campus – providing a low-cost option for mail delivery. This allows students to keep their mailing address for the duration of their time at ASU, so they don’t have to risk important information being sent to the wrong address.

Benefits of having a Non-traditional UPS Store on campus:

•    Lowered parcel congestion
•    Lowered staffing needs
•    State-of-the-art tracking Parcel Management System

The UPS Store opportunities to students:

•    Reliable postal and mailbox services
•    Home-to-home delivery services
•    Options for summer storage
•    Full range of printing services, including ability to remotely send documents to the store to print 
•    Faxing, notary and computer services

In partnership with the university, The UPS Store employs approximately 30 students. Management takes into account their individual class schedules to ensure that students can easily work their shifts without missing class or taking away from their academic success. 

“We like to give our students opportunities to be employed on campus, and it’s an added bonus that The UPS Store hires students,” said ASU Senior Director Melissa Krewson.

“The best benefit The UPS Store provides is that taking the burden of parcel management off of the school so they can focus on education and residential life for students. It is very much a partnership,” said The UPS Store franchisee, David Anderson.

 “I appreciate not having to worry. We let the experts do what they do, and that is to provide mail services to students on campus,” said ASU Senior Director Melissa Krewson. 

If you are interested in learning more about opening a UPS Store in either non-traditional or traditional available locations, contact the Non-Traditional Department today at (877) 623-7253.



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