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Minority Entrepreneurship – Our Commitment to Help Minorities Become The UPS Store Franchise Owners

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 million businesses in the United States are minority-owned. The largest portion are Asian-owned (555,638) followed by Hispanic (322,000) and Black or African American (124,004). The Minority Business Development Agency estimates this accounts for almost 30 percent of U.S. businesses, providing employment for 7.2 million Americans and producing over $1 trillion a year in revenue.

The UPS Store Supports Franchise Opportunities for Minorities

Sahar Al-Furaiji is among those minority business owners playing a significant role in the strength of our country’s economy. After fleeing terrorists in her home country of Iraq, Al-Furaiji and her family settled in Virginia. During their first year in the area, Al-Furaiji’s husband saw a The UPS Store and thought, “Wow, I want to own one of those.” As it turned out, Sahar, not her husband, opened a The UPS Store franchise after painstakingly comparing locations to find the right population density and opportunities to support a packing, shipping and printing business. She leveraged her previous experience with logistics and business management running a nonprofit in Iraq to transition into business ownership. The UPS Store is proud to support minority-owned businesses like Al-Furaiji’s and is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive franchise community.

Minority Incentive Program

We’re empowering minorities by offering an incentive program that provides approximately 50 percent off the initial franchise fee. First-time buyers of a The UPS Store franchise who are minorities and commit to develop their centers under the new design are eligible to receive nearly $15,000 off the franchise fee for their first center. To qualify for this discount, minority candidates (Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American) must own at least 51 percent interest in the franchise and meet additional guidelines for the incentive program (including financial qualifications and booking-process deadlines).

The Minority Incentive Program discount is not available for the purchase of an existing franchise location, renewal of a center’s franchise rights or for the purchase of a non-traditional site with an already-reduced Initial Franchise Fee (i.e. an initial franchise fee less than $29,950).

Becoming a The UPS Store Franchise Owner

Now is a good time to consider opening a franchise business, especially one like The UPS Store that provides essential services to both small businesses and individuals. Aside from providing ultimate job security by being your own boss, easy access to capital, reduced competition and the availability of prime real estate often at reduced rates are all big advantages of starting a business even in challenging times like these.

Joining a franchise network can help bypass some of the difficulties of building a business from the ground up. The UPS Store franchisee Jay Patel explains, “I wanted to go with a franchise model because, as a franchisee, there’s a comfort level in having a partner that provides you with the resources and guidance you need to grow your business. I would say the support you get from the brand, especially a brand like The UPS Store, is the main benefit of opening a franchise versus starting an independent business.”

He continues, “I love being part of one of the world’s most popular brands. It’s a positive thing for my business to partner with such a recognized brand. As an owner, I feel a lot more comfortable working with a brand that’s so well-known and trusted.”

Supporting Your Community

Owning a The UPS Store franchise also brings value to your community by broadening the cultural reach of the high-quality business services offered by The UPS Store. In addition to providing shipping, packing, mailing and printing services to neighborhoods that may not have had access to these resources previously, opening a The UPS Store creates jobs for members of the community. It can also inspire others to become small business owners.

Franchisee Brandon Phillips shares what he enjoys about owning a The UPS Store in the Queens, New York City area: “I opened a store in my community so I could see childhood friends who live in the area every day. Secondly, I work with my family; my mother is my partner, my daughter works in the store as well, so it’s a nice family environment. We have three generations working in one store and the rest of my staff is also like family. Lastly, our customers become like family, especially the regulars over time. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Improving Your Life

In addition to helping your community thrive, owning a franchise could change your life for the better as well. Success is never guaranteed, but with hard work and the strength of a world-class brand behind you, owning a The UPS Store franchise could be the key to achieving a more rewarding career. From the financial benefits to the emotional satisfaction, freedom and flexibility that owning your own business provides, becoming a The UPS Store franchisee can be a great way to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Franchisee Sandy Scandrett agrees, “Owning my own business, my own franchise, has improved every aspect of my life. Financially it’s bumped us up a notch.”

Franchisee Matthew Wood adds, “It’s allowed me to dream bigger and think outside the box. It’s allowed a comfortable revenue stream for me.”

The UPS Store is committed to empowering minorities and can help you achieve your dreams of business ownership, at a reduced rate for a limited time. Reach out to our franchise development team for more details or visit our website to explore potential franchise opportunities available in markets across the country.