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How The UPS Store Supports Veterans Year-Round

The UPS Store salutes all veterans and active duty service members year-round, but this time of the year it’s especially important to show our gratitude. As Veterans Day approaches, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the many brave men and women who have served our country and to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Our support of military personnel extends beyond a single day of remembrance. The UPS Store is committed to assisting veterans through the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran) program. Founded in 1991 as a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association (IFA), VetFran’s mission is to provide franchising opportunities to our nation’s veterans and their spouses.

As a sponsor of the VetFran program, The UPS Store is committed to making the transition from military service to civilian life easier for veterans. As we prepare to celebrate Veterans Day, let’s take a look at why veterans and The UPS Store are a perfect match.

Veterans are Uniquely Qualified to Become Successful Franchise Owners

“We were the businessmen of the Navy and some of the biggest qualities we had to bring to the ship were in customer service. That's how we get customers coming back to our store — because of the outstanding customer service we and our associates give. I think that was a great quality to have in the Navy that translates well to The UPS Store.”

  • Rick Popelmier, The UPS Store franchise owner and Navy veteran

Franchising is a marriage between an entrepreneurial spirit and the discipline to follow established guidelines to execute a proven plan. The ideal franchisee can operate within a franchisor’s framework while also being an effective leader that gets things done. Veterans receive plenty of training and develop many skills during their time in the military that uniquely qualifies them to accomplish that feat. In fact, 1 in 7 franchises in the United States are owned by veterans.

Some of the abilities shared by ideal franchise owners and veterans include:


The military teaches recruits how to be leaders; and just as importantly, it teaches them how to function as part of a larger system to achieve a common goal.


The discipline of following a chain of command serves veterans well as they follow requirements set forth in franchise ownership guidelines.


When you’re running a business, things don’t always go according to plan. Military personnel are accustomed to stressful, high-pressure situations and can use their experience to successfully handle challenging business circumstances.

Work Ethic

Giving up in the middle of a mission is not an option in the military. While business operations are not as intense as military operations, commitment and work ethic are crucial to success in both worlds.


The leadership skills gained in the military are invaluable to franchise owners as they navigate the business world and guide their own team.


Veteran small business owners continue their commitment to serve by providing important services and creating jobs within their communities.


Veterans are more prepared than most to succeed when faced with adversity. Courage under fire, controlling fear, assessing situations and acting decisively are characteristics ingrained in veterans that benefit business owners as well.

Why The UPS Store is an Ideal Franchise for Veterans

“The advantages of owning a franchise versus being an independent business is the business model they provide. We have support at the local level and regional level with continued education, training and marketing help. It’s a much greater opportunity to succeed with that support in the background. I get up every day and enjoy going to work, helping people, talking with my customers and solving their problems.”

  • Bob Tate, The UPS Store franchise owner and veteran

A Strong Foundation

The UPS Store has the experience and established franchise system to get our owners started off on the right track. This is perfect for veterans as they have   experience following plans, executing orders and working within a team to achieve success.

Ongoing Support

At The UPS Store, we provide in-depth training programs and ongoing support throughout the relationship to make sure our owners continue to succeed. This includes a comprehensive training program, advertising and marketing campaigns and a network of knowledgeable and dedicated franchisees.

Proven Success Record

Our franchise system has 5,000 locations delivering exceptional customer service to small businesses and personal customers in their communities. The UPS Store has also been ranked as the top franchise system in the postal, printing, communications and business services category for 28 straight years by Entrepreneur Magazine.


The UPS Store ranked fourth in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 Franchise 500 list and tenth in the top franchises for veterans. The latter ranking is based on incentives and other programs The UPS Store offers to help veterans become owners.

Veterans Among Our Ranks

“The skills veterans develop through their military experience, such as leadership, work ethic and discipline, are integral to pursuing a second career. The UPS Store franchise allows veterans to apply these skills to manage and run their own business. We are proud to support veterans and help fulfill their aspirations to be successful business owners.”

  • Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store, Inc. and former U.S. Marine Corps captain and Gulf War Veteran.

The UPS Store is proud to support more than 300 veteran-owned franchise locations. We were among the top franchise businesses for veterans and military-connected families according to Military Times Best: Franchises 2018. This ranking is based on financial and other support offered to current and former service members and their families, as well as factors like:

  • Company culture
  • Franchise unit performance
  • Investment quality
  • Costs associated with franchising

How The UPS Store Helps Veterans Succeed

Although it can be difficult to translate military jobs into civilian careers, veterans possess many skills that can help them excel as franchise owners. And The UPS Store is committed to providing veterans support for a smoother reintegration into civilian life. We offer the following incentives to current and former military members interested in opening a franchise location with The UPS Store:

  • $10,000 off the franchise fee
  • 50 percent off the application fee

To learn more, please visit our Veteran Franchise Opportunities page or contact our franchise development team today.