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How The UPS Store Franchise Centers Help Local Business Owners

When you think of services available at The UPS Store, printing and shipping are most likely the ones that initially come to mind. But in addition to those, there’s a multitude of other services that The UPS Store offers customers, many of which are geared toward local business owners. No matter the product or service a small business offers, The UPS Store has services to help that business grow, allowing business owners to dedicate their precious time and resources to other operations.

To reinforce their commitment to small business owners, The UPS Store launched a national “Beyond Shipping” advertising campaign this month, designed to showcase the breadth of services available in addition to shipping. The ads tout shredding, notarizing, consulting, creating, faxing, scanning, even passport photo-ing, among a host of other services, with the tagline “Every ing for small business. And, of course, shipping.”

As part of your research on a potential franchise investment, this article will assist that process by exploring some of the various small business services that The UPS Store provides. You’ll find there are many ways to assist the small business owner through the broad service offering and gain some insight as to what makes The UPS Store a leader in the business services industry.

High-quality printing

To help small businesses grow, The UPS Store can print and produce a wide variety of marketing materials such as postcards, menus, banners, presentations, magnets, business cards, lawn signs, catalogs and so much more. Our wide variety of paper stocks and finishes allow small businesses to customize and uniquely showcase any product or service.

Within the realm of printing, capabilities include online ordering or in-person printing, black and white or color copies, collating, binding and laminating. And, the digital printing process allows printing directly from an electronic file to decrease turnaround time and produce high-quality, cost-effective materials in small quantities.


Some The UPS Store locations have a graphic designer on staff, someone who offers consultative, personalized assistance on any variety of small business print projects. If customers prefer a more self-service approach, The UPS Store offers thousands of design templates online, which can be customized with specific images, logos and marketing content. Projects are also saved and archived online to make reordering and editing quick and easy for the time-crunched business owner.

3D printing

The UPS Store currently offers 3D printing at approximately 30 locations nationwide. This specialized service enables business owners and entrepreneurs to create prototypes, parts, manufacturing jigs and fixtures, architectural models and other items to help them succeed – from a local, convenient resource. Stores can use a customer’s already-created 3D CAD file, or a HoneyPoint3D Specialist can assist in creating a CAD file or 3D Scan. Regardless of a customer’s experience level with 3D printing, they can rest assured that they will receive expert help, clear timelines and consistent communication throughout the process.

Direct mail

For business owners looking to target a specific geographic market or a custom distribution list, The UPS Store has two different direct mail options available:

  • Every Door Direct Mail®
  • Targeted Direct Mail

With either option, service includes consultation, graphic design, full-color printing, postage and mailing. Postcards are a common type of mail piece sent using direct mail, but customers can also send catalogs, newsletters, flyers, coupons and more using these services.

Every Door Direct Mail®

A cost-effective direct mail service offered by the USPS®, Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) allows customers to target neighborhoods based on postal carrier routes. There’s no need to have a list of names or addresses, as this type of mail is delivered to all households within the targeted route. Route demographics and statistics are also available to users of this service.

Targeted Direct Mail

Small businesses can reach a specific list of customers with this service, making it a great choice if customers already have their own marketing database or customer list established.

Mailbox services

When customers open a mailbox with The UPS Store, they receive a street address instead of a P.O. Box number, providing a more professional image of their business. Mailbox customers can also take advantage of package acceptance from all carriers and can even be notified by text or email when a package or mail arrives. Other benefits mailbox customers enjoy are 24-hour access, mail holding and forwarding and call-in MailCheck® to save customers time and a trip to the store.

House accounts

To give small business customers more personalized service, The UPS Store franchise locations offer a house account option in which billing can be consolidated to a weekly or monthly frequency. This streamlines expense tracking and simplifies the checkout process for each transaction, reducing the time spent on these business functions.

It’s simple:

  1. Transactions are billed to the house account.
  2. At the specified interval, customers receive a condensed bill online or by mail with all transactions listed for that period.

Customers can also grant authorization to specific individuals that can conduct business on the owner’s behalf.

Packing and shipping services

Customers can trust The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® to ensure their items arrive safely and intact. Specializing in packing fragile and high-value items like artwork and electronics, as well as large items like sports equipment, our experts are trained in advanced techniques for all packing needs.

A variety of packing materials are also available, including more than 20 different box sizes, bubble cushioning, foam wrap and planks, suspension inserts and other specialized packaging to protect valuable items.

When it comes to domestic shipping options, customers can choose from a variety of delivery timelines ranging from one to five business days depending on urgency. International and freight shipping are also available, and a tracking number is included with each shipment to help customers easily locate items while in transit.

Pack & Ship Guarantee

If an item is damaged or lost in transit, customers can be reimbursed for the item’s value, packing materials and services, as well as shipping costs (restrictions apply). This guarantee sets The UPS Store franchise apart from the competition and allows business owners and individuals alike to fully trust their packages with the experts.

Other Small Business Services

Small Biz Buzz

Small business owners can join a private online community called Small Biz Buzz to connect with The UPS Store team, share experiences and interact with other business owners. Users can participate in polls and live chats with the goal of influencing innovation and services available through The UPS Store to ultimately improve the lives of small business owners.

Small Business Blog

Several years of helpful blog articles are provided online as an additional resource for small business owners. Some recent topics include Effective Networking in the Digital Age, Ways to Reduce Stress at Work and Cybersecurity for Small Businesses.

As a potential franchise owner, you can see that there are many different ways The UPS Store can help small businesses grow. By providing a wide range of convenient and professional business services, beyond packing and shipping, The UPS Store continues to be recognized as a leader in the business services industry.