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How The UPS Store Can Be a Profitable Franchise to Own During Holidays

Helping customers by providing the products and services they need when they need them is critical to the success of any business. Accomplishing this task can be especially important during the holiday season rush, when shoppers often expect more – and buy more.

November and December may be two of the busiest months of the year for many companies, including those in the shipping industry. That means The UPS Store franchise profit can be quite favorable during the holidays. Because gifts are being ordered online and sent to family members, business associates, and friends, reliable packaging, shipping, and delivery are an integral part of the holiday shopping process. Beyond these services, The UPS Store franchises have additional offerings that are in high demand over the holiday season.

If you are considering franchise ownership or are about to experience your first busy season as a franchisee, The UPS Store can be a lucrative business to run during the holidays. Below are just four of the many reasons why.

Specialized Business Services 

The UPS Store offers a franchise business opportunity for those looking to provide services that are particularly helpful for small-business owners. These offerings are designed to help businesses connect with both consumers and other companies with ease. Whether shipping gifts to partners and top clients, sending out direct mail pieces to alert customers of holiday sales, or managing delivery of products to shoppers, The UPS Store franchises can help small-business owners establish and strengthen their professional relationships.

As a business service franchisee, you can help reduce holiday stress and increase efficiency by delivering the following support to your B2B and B2C customers:

Packing and Shipping: The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® securely pack and ship orders of any size and shape to customers and business partners locally, nationally, and internationally.

Professional Printing: Our stores provide professional printing services for small businesses, making it easy to send branded holiday cards or high-quality promotional direct mailers to investors and customers.

Freight and Logistics: Companies can conveniently send bulk products to customers effortlessly by letting The UPS Store handle the logistics and secure transportation, whether by ground or air.

Mailbox Services: Small-business owners working out of their home or who are on the road a lot can have a real street address and secure mailbox services through many of our franchise locations, as well as notification of deliveries.

While these business services can be utilized all year long, the demand for them becomes higher during the holiday season, which can increase The UPS Store franchise profit. Each small-business solution helps business owners outsource routine tasks, allowing for more efficiency and control during the holiday rush. Running a The UPS Store location during November and December means you are helping small-business owners when they need it most.

Unique Digitally Printed Gifts

Giving a distinctive, custom-made holiday gift is more meaningful than sharing something store-bought. For businesses and consumers alike, your location can offer digital printing services to help customers create that special memorable gift. This may include cards sharing festive greetings, invitations to seasonal parties, fridge and car magnets, or personalized postcards. Each item can be printed with family photos, business branding, or any other original design and can be shipped to your customers or picked up in-center.

Valuable Service to the Community 

Although the holidays are joyous and special, they can also be quite stressful for consumers. Getting everything done, finding the perfect gifts, and spending extra money may be worth it when it’s all over, but the process might come with a few challenges and inconveniences.

A franchise business opportunity such as The UPS Store, gives you the ability to alleviate some of that stress by providing tools and assistance that make buying presents and delivering packages much simpler. It is known as the season of giving, and providing your community with the resources of The UPS Store is a great way for you to give back. After all, when you make life even a little bit easier for your customers, you are contributing exceptional value when it is needed most.

In addition, being part of The UPS Store franchise network gives you the opportunity to support the Toys for Tots Literacy Program. By working with local agencies across the U.S. to identify children and organizations that will benefit from books purchased through the program, all local proceeds stay local to support childhood literacy in your community.

Increased Sales

It’s the basics of business – as the demand for services increases, more services need to be supplied. Certain businesses boom during the holidays, and those in the shipping industry are at the top of the list. While people have shipping and printing needs throughout the year (for example, online retailers and small businesses investing in branding and marketing), the holidays often require an extra level of support and service. The UPS Store franchise profit can increase by effectively meeting the additional needs of customers during this busy time.

Running a The UPS Store franchise location is a service to your community every month of the year, but especially during the holiday season. As consumers purchase more and shipping needs increase, having a reliable partner to help get everything done can be invaluable. The UPS Store is a franchise business opportunity that allows you to be just that for your customers, during the time of year when it’s most important.

If you are interested in opening your own The UPS Store location, explore our wide variety of franchise opportunities. To learn more, contact our franchise development team, join one of our weekly webinars or attend a live event in your area. You may be able to get up and running – and enjoying the benefits of ownership – by the holiday season next year.