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At The UPS Store, we are committed to supporting small businesses of all types – and in all locations.  Whether their business is located in a big, urban city or a tiny town, we want to ensure that all business owners have access to the resources and support they need to help their businesses run.

In small towns and rural communities, though, that support can often be hard to come by.  

That’s why we introduced the Main Street franchise Model, to make it easier for prospective franchisees to open a UPS Store in a rural location. 

As more UPS Stores open under this model, we’re learning more about the businesses in small-town America, and about the people who want to support them. Here are just a couple of their stories: 

In Williston, ND, Teresa Jorgenson, a teacher for more than 20 years, knew business was growing in her hometown, thanks to an influx of oil-related jobs. She also knew that the local post office often did not have boxes or shipping materials available, and that there was a need for these types of services. She now runs her own UPS Store in town, working side-by-side with her children to serve the businesses in her community. 

 “It’s a perfect mix for our family – my daughter has a degree in graphic design and my son loves the variety of what we do,” said Jorgenson. “We hope to expand someday and open another UPS Store.”

In Kenedy, TX, Stephenie Johnson (who coincidentally, was also a teacher) wanted a change. She knew the businesses in her community could benefit from the services that The UPS Store provides, and the closest location was more than 30 miles away. Stephenie became a UPS Store co-owner with her mother.

“As we saw our town growing, we saw an opportunity. Our clientele has a variety of needs…from shipping oilfield samples to printing brochures,” said Johnson. “This variety makes every day unique and interesting and it’s great to make our clients happy.”

Do you live in a small town or rural area? Are there small business owners in your area that are helping the community thrive?  Maybe you’ve thought about going into business for yourself, and have considered opening a The UPS Store. Tell us your story and learn more about The Main Street Model.  




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