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Adapting to Change – The UPS Store Franchise Flexibility

It’s been a difficult year full of challenges and uncertainty. Adapting to change and evolving to meet the dynamic needs of small business owners and individual customers is nothing new. The UPS Store has been doing it for 40 years, from our beginnings as a convenient alternative to the post office to our evolution into a one-stop shop for the small-home/home-office (SOHO) market.

The UPS Store has come a long way to become the industry leader. With nearly 5,000 locations across the country, The UPS Store is the largest network of retail shipping, postal and business service centers. But one thing hasn’t changed: The UPS Store franchisees are committed to finding ways to always meet the needs of their customers. Together, we continue to reinvent the retail category of business services.

Supporting Communities

In times like these, flexibility is key to providing support that helps small businesses and communities persevere. As an essential business, The UPS Store centers have remained open throughout the coronavirus pandemic and continue to provide the critical services their customers rely on every day. We’ve adapted quickly and continue to assist small businesses and our communities.

This flexibility, combined with brand strength, world-class training and ongoing support and guidance are what make The UPS Store one of the best franchises to own. We’re committed to continuous innovation to help franchisees keep pace with an ever-changing marketplace. Our support comes from all around, not just from corporate. Many The UPS Store franchise owners love to collaborate and readily share ideas and experiences to help one another succeed. Ultimately, our customers are the benefactors of this camaraderie receiving the high-quality products and services of a world-renowned company with a local business owner mentality.

The UPS Store franchise owners are proud of the difference they’re making in their communities. From mailbox holders receiving medicines, checks and other important mail to printing social distancing signage and CDC information for neighboring local businesses, The UPS Store is ready to help any way we can. We’ve always been focused on providing every “ing” small business owners need to keep their business running smoothly like packing, shipping, printing, copying, scanning, faxing, shredding, notarizing, mailing and more. Though the pandemic threat is not yet over with restrictions and mandates in some areas, we remain committed to assisting the stay-at-home business customer.

How Business Has Changed

Although The UPS Store franchisees and staff have not been immune to the stress caused by the pandemic, they have remained resilient and determined to serve their communities. There was a time when it seemed as though local rules, regulations and laws were changing daily. Franchisees’ commitment to their customers and willingness to work closely with headquarters to determine the best way to navigate the changing circumstances continue to be critical.  While times are still tough and the future is unknown, our franchisees are prepared to move forward with agility to meet the needs of their customers. As communities rally together in the face of challenges, The UPS Store franchise owners have found unique ways to serve their customers and give back to their communities.

For example, The UPS Store in Victoria, TX provided free scanning services for small businesses applying for relief loans while others offered free faxing services and computer usage for customers filing for unemployment benefits. Several stores helped ease the strain of e-learning by offering free or discounted printing services to local schools and students. Others found creative ways to spread hope and celebrate frontline workers by printing lawn signs with encouraging messages.

Shifts in Product Demand

From social distancing protocols to pivoting products and services, the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. When many restaurants had to practically reinvent themselves to maximize their takeout business, The UPS Store centers jumped into action creating banners and posters to promote awareness. As restaurants were allowed to reopen with heightened safety measures, they relied on The UPS Store printing services for disposable menus and dining room signage.

But the support didn’t end there. As fellow local business owners, The UPS Store franchisees understand the importance of helping one another and provided support throughout the reopening and rebuilding phase. Franchisee Matt McClimon noted, “It’s important to support small businesses because, in my opinion, they’re the backbone of the economy.” He continued, “I think small businesses want to work with us because we are a small business and working together helps to ensure that we are both successful.”

Unwavering Commitment

With four decades of franchising experience, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs become successful business owners. Opening a The UPS Store franchise provides immediate brand strength along with a proven business model. Even a global pandemic couldn’t keep one determined franchisee from opening his store. Long-time manager Octavio worked hard to save enough money to open a store of his own. He found a great location, secured the lease, completed the build-out and was ready to open his The UPS Store center when COVID-19 hit. His desire to serve his community and represent The UPS Store, even in a time of absolute crisis, never wavered. He opened his store to meet the immediate needs of his customers.

At The UPS Store, community is everything. Customers aren’t just customers, they’re neighbors. Franchise owner Priya Patel was overwhelmed with emotion after being recognized by a customer while in a local grocery store with her children. The customer told her, “You guys are absolutely amazing. Thank you for being here in the hardest of times.” Patel says, “It feels wonderful to have your children witness that your job resonates in the community.”

The culture, values and attitude of the entire network make The UPS Store one of the best franchises to own. Although the pandemic is still affecting businesses all across the country, The UPS Store franchisees are committed to remaining flexible and providing valuable services with exceptional customer service. If you want to make your dreams of business ownership a reality while helping your community overcome the many challenges faced this year, reach out to our franchise development team to learn more about The UPS Store franchise opportunities in your area.