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Why Mentoring Employees is Crucial to Your Franchise Business

Coaching and mentoring play a powerful role in the long-term success of a franchise business. It speeds up the onboarding process and provides a key resource to employees during the critical learning phase. In addition, studies have shown that employees that participate in mentorship programs are more satisfied with their job. This leads to increased productivity, improved quality, better knowledge management and employee retention. Helping employees acclimate to their role is mutually beneficial. It’s important not only for the employee’s success but for the stability and growth of the business as well.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a process through which an individual provides professional influence, guidance and support to a new or less experienced employee. A good mentor is a teacher, counselor and advocate, helping new hires hone their skills and attributes for future success. While this process is intended to help the mentee learn on the job, it benefits the entire organization as well by developing talent and building a strong culture of engagement and accountability.

Keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently is not only important for the individual franchise business, but for the entire franchise brand as a whole. Consumers expect consistency across locations within a franchise network. Mentoring is a great way to instill brand values and cultivate a commitment to quality, strengthening the brand as well as the workforce at your franchise business.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

While it can be challenging to help manage someone else’s career path, there are many benefits of being a mentor. Being a role model for others can help strengthen your own leadership skills.

Teaching and motivating others also helps you become a better communicator - and listener. You may even learn a thing or two in the process. Although you know the ins and outs of your franchise business, mentoring can help you view it with a fresh set of eyes and could help you gain a new perspective.

Mentoring can also help you learn more about yourself. Remembering what led you to open a franchise business and what you learned along the way can help reinvigorate your commitment and solidify your own business goals for the future. 

The Advantages of Being a Mentee

Every job has gray areas or situations in which company guidelines don’t provide all the answers. Employees who have learned from the hands-on experience of a mentor are better equipped to make tough decisions. The advice and guidance a mentee receives enhances their problem-solving abilities and other skills, helping them develop their full potential.

Mentees also benefit from the opportunity to network and be seen, making important career contacts. If a mentor notices a mentee has a special talent or skill that would be beneficial in a particular area of the business, they can connect them to the right resources. The close interaction in a mentoring relationship makes it easier for mentees to grow and explore different career directions which leads to increased job satisfaction and engagement.

Tips for Successful Mentoring

Every mentoring experience is different, as is each mentor and mentee. However, effective mentoring involves a few fundamental tasks:

Develop and manage a relationship – Get to know your mentee, make them feel comfortable and build an authentic relationship. Trust is key and that takes time. Keep in mind that mentoring is a two-way street. As the mentor you will be sharing your experience, but the mentee must be open to your insight and willing to apply it accordingly. They should also be comfortable providing feedback on what is or isn’t working well in the relationship from their perspective.

Get them out there – Advocating for your mentee and connecting them with others throughout your franchise business is a great way to give their visibility and credibility a boost. Look for opportunities to help your mentee network and gain exposure to all areas of the business

Guide – Mentoring is about more than telling someone what to do, it requires providing guidance and encouragement to develop skills and build confidence. From work ethics and values to methods and procedures, set clear expectations and be a good role model for your mentee.

Teach – Proactive training and access to resources sets the stage for success. Outline specific goals or objectives as well as performance standards then teach your mentee how to achieve them. Teaching involves not only sharing your knowledge but also sharing personal experiences and making recommendations to help further your mentee’s learning.

Motivate – Inspire and encourage your mentee to explore their talents and grow to reach their career goals. Not only will they be rewarded in terms of professional development, their sense of belonging and responsibility for their achievement will also be enhanced

Investing in employee development through coaching and mentoring programs is important for business growth. It dramatically increases employee satisfaction which in turn helps businesses retain talented, valued employees. Making mentoring a priority not only helps mentees maximize their potential and achieve success but can help your franchise business flourish for years to come.