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Who Makes a Great The UPS Store Retail Owner

The UPS Store is the world’s largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal, printing and business service centers and one of the top-ranked franchise business opportunities available. Our network of 5,000 locations across the U.S. is home to retail owners from all walks of life. From young entrepreneurs to retirees including veterans, women and minorities, The UPS Store is proud to empower a wide variety of individuals to become business owners. Here’s a closer look at the diverse backgrounds of our franchisees and what makes them great The UPS Store retail owners.


The experiences and skill set Veterans develop in the military are well suited for the challenges of franchise business ownership. Veterans understand the importance of teamwork to achieve a common goal. Their leadership experience and discipline are also beneficial for growing a business. Pressure is a constant reality in with business ownership. The military teaches service members how to handle stress and remain calm to be functional and effective while under pressure, an important asset for business owners.

George, who rode on nuclear submarines for 12 years, agrees his time in the military helped hone the skills needed to become a successful business owner. He says, “My time in the Navy served me well, I believe, for owning a UPS Store. It taught me about service over self, it taught me about procedures and discipline. My advice to people getting out of the military is simple, I wish I had known about this program when I got out.” 

The UPS Store is committed to supporting Veteran entrepreneurship and has been ranked a top franchise for Veterans by Entrepreneur magazine. We are also a proud participant in the International Franchise Association (IFA) VetFran program and offer discounted franchise fees for Veterans. As a way of saying thank you for your service to our country, qualifying Veterans receive $10,000 off the franchise fee for opening a new The UPS Store location, which includes 50 percent off the initial application fee. 


Diverse retail ownership is critical to communities. It provides valuable resources to consumers, contributes to the economic growth of the area, creates job opportunities, builds relationships and boosts morale. Minority entrepreneurs can also have a positive influence on their community by inspiring others to become small-business owners as well. 

The UPS Store is proud to support diverse retail ownership through our Diversity Ownership Program. First-time buyers of a new The UPS Store franchise who self-identify as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group or the LGBTQ+ community are eligible to receive $15,000 off the approximate $30,000 franchise fee, provided they commit to developing their location under our new store design.

The UPS Store retail owner Philip Gonzalez took advantage of the Diversity Ownership Program when opening his store in West Garden Grove, CA earlier this year. Philip says, “I think out of all the franchises that we were looking at, it [the Diversity Ownership Program] definitely helped validate that this was the right brand and franchise to partner with. Investing in diversity, obviously for myself and my family is something that we hold dear. It just validated our decision when they offered the diversity program.”


The number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. is growing quickly. The UPS Store is committed to keeping this trend going by encouraging the next generation of female entrepreneurs. The UPS Store offers many of the advantages of business ownership that women find appealing. Schedule flexibility and improved work/life balance are especially important to women, enabling them to prioritize family commitments.

Our extensive training and well-developed support system are also beneficial for women entrepreneurs, helping them build not only their business acumen but confidence as well. The UPS Store retail owner Maria Daly says, “Owning my own business has changed my life tremendously, I think more for myself now, I make business decisions today which I would never have made before, my confidence has grown, I’m more secure, my management skills have grown immensely, and I feel like I could probably do any job now from what I’ve gained working with The UPS Store.”

Many women like Snover UppalLeanne Dobard Alvarez and Kristie Robison have found success as The UPS Store retail owners. Sheryl Ross, a multi-center owner who’s been part of The UPS Store franchise network for over two decades feels starting her own franchise business made a positive impact on her life, “Owning my own business has changed my life dramatically. It gives me freedom; it gives me stability. I've had some tragic things happen in my life that I'm able to take care of with my family and not worry about my day-to-day job.” 


Owning a The UPS Store is a great opportunity for retirees. Not only does it prevent boredom, it generates income and provides small businesses with meaningful services to help communities prosper. The experience, wisdom and financial resources that often come with a seasoned career can help position retirees to run a successful franchise business.

After 24 years navigating the corporate world in no less than 10 cities, Oscar Saucedo retired to San Antonio. But he couldn’t sit still. He acquired a local The UPS Store in 2014 and put his love for printing, direct mail brochures and marketing to work. 

Another veteran of corporate America, Greg Murray, also “failed at retirement.” He and his wife decided to put his business experience to use by starting a The UPS Store. They had three criteria for evaluating franchise opportunities: it had to be interesting and challenging, meaningful and financially rewarding. Greg says, “The UPS Store fulfilled all those criteria and we have not been disappointed.”

Becoming a successful business owner is possible for anyone through hard work and dedication. The UPS Store believes in giving everyone the opportunity to thrive as an entrepreneur. In our 40+ years of franchising experience, we’ve helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life become The UPS Store retail owners. Although every franchisee is unique, they share one thing in common – a commitment to providing essential services with exceptional customer service to small businesses and personal consumers to keep their communities strong. If you’re interested in owning a The UPS Store center, reach out to our franchise development team or visit our website to peruse franchise opportunities available across the country.