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What Our Franchisees Like Best About Owning a The UPS Store Franchise

The UPS Store is an industry leader with over four decades of franchising experience. As a world-recognized brand with a trusted reputation for providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer experience, our franchisees help communities thrive by supporting small business. We’re proud of the many prominent awards and accolades we’ve received while remaining a consistently top-ranked franchise opportunity. The UPS Store has helped thousands become their own boss and enjoy the benefits of owning their own business. Here’s a look at what our franchisees like best about owning a The UPS Store franchise.

Comprehensive Training

Proper training is critical to ensure franchisees are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate their business and succeed as a The UPS Store franchise owner. Our award-winning training program covers both foundational business acumen and in-depth store operations to prepare franchisees for making sound business decisions and handling the challenges they will encounter as store owners.

The goal of our extensive training is to teach franchisees the process and strategy to build a successful business in addition to specific franchise guidelines that must be adhered to in order to protect The UPS Store brand standards. The four-phase program includes comprehensive web-based training, an interactive in-person workshop and print services training as well as in-store, hands-on experience with a Certified Trainer. Our goal is to help franchisees feel confident and prepared for a successful store opening and ongoing operation before they ever open their doors.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

One of the biggest benefits of owning a franchise is that it allows entrepreneurs to go into business for themselves without being by themselves. Franchisees get to own and operate their own business while being backed by the support and expertise of a recognized brand. The UPS Store is dedicated to going above and beyond to do whatever it takes to help our franchisees succeed. After all, when our franchisees are successful, the entire brand is successful. From corporate to area franchisees and even fellow store owners, support is all around. 

Franchise owner Laura Griffin says, “We’ve got great support from area franchisees and area franchisee support staff, but more than that we have a community of other franchisees that we can get information from, get help from, learn new things, it’s like a family.”

Franchisee Jim George agrees, “I think my favorite part of being part of The UPS Store network is the camaraderie with other franchisees. It’s a great group of people - all have businesses that they run and operate so there is a business acumen that’s there but there is also a relational element that everybody loves to help everybody else.” 

In addition to support and guidance for store owners, The UPS Store also provides extensive national, regional and local advertising efforts that increase brand awareness and support local stores. Franchisee Matthew Wood has noticed a positive impact from the campaigns, “The UPS Store national advertising has helped drive traffic into my centers, particularly because it touches on all the profit centers and helps educate the customers about all of the services that we can provide locally.”

Public relations support and turn-key marketing tools like templates and other materials are also available to help franchisees grow their presence in their local community. Franchisee Greg Gagnon says, “There are so many phenomenal tools to leverage and use and they’re all right at your fingertips.”

Flexibility and Growth Opportunities

Owning a The UPS Store is life changing. The experience gives franchisees more control over their own future, allowing them to create their own destiny. Franchise owner Greg Gagnon says, “I think the best part about owning your own business is being able to make some of your own rules and living a life by design rather than default.”

Owning a business creates more flexibility and a better work-life balance than going to a 9-to-5 job every day, leading to greater overall satisfaction. Franchise owner Sandy Scandrett says, “I never have to drag myself out of bed, I love going in every morning. Owning my own business, my own franchise, has improved every aspect of my life.”

Another perk of owning a The UPS Store franchise is the potential for financial gain. Franchisee Joy Batchelor says, “The revenue opportunities have helped us reach our financial goals.” Franchisee Matthew Wood adds, “It’s allowed me to dream bigger, and think outside the box. It’s also allowed a comfortable revenue stream for me.”

Becoming a The UPS Store franchisee also creates the opportunity for personal as well as professional growth. Franchisee Jay Soucia says, “I saw that in order for me to expand myself as a business leader, myself as just a person, I needed to take on a bigger challenge. I like managing a store, but I really wanted to manage a business. I wanted to grow an operation. I wanted to create jobs.”

The UPS Store provides expansion opportunities that allow franchisees to maximize their profits, improve efficiencies and create stability by purchasing multiple units. In fact, more than half of our franchisees own more than one center. Multi-store owner Jamil Saghir says, “I decided to become a multiple center owner because I wanted to maximize my profit. I trained my employees, I trained my managers, and I felt confident that I can start the same kind of business, another location and generate more profit, more revenue. And once I felt confident the second was running smoothly, I started the third, fourth and fifth.”

Owning multiple centers does not have to mean owning multiple identical franchise locations. The UPS Store offers a variety of store models including non-traditional locations. Qualified franchisees may be able to open additional locations with lower initial fees and will benefit from specialized training to help expand their business operation.

Serving the Community

The UPS Store offers a wide variety of innovative products and services like printing, packing, shipping, notarizing, shredding and mailbox services that benefit both individuals and small businesses. Our franchisees love dealing with people and helping customers fulfill their needs. Every day brings something new, with challenging requests that make owing a The UPS Store anything but boring.

Our store owners take pride in serving their community. Franchise owner Tom Reese says, “One of my goals in opening this store was to make a difference in the community I’m in.” Franchisee Brandon Phillips agrees, “Serving the community is awesome in every way.”

Bringing customers’ ideas to life and helping small business owners grow their business is a rewarding experience. Franchisee Matthew Wood says this about his print business, “It allows me to interact with the customers a lot and really get to know their business and hopefully help them grow their own business. When they bring in an idea on a sheet of paper and we sit down and design and make that product for them and print it out - to see the smile on their face brings satisfaction to me.”

For Franchisee Joy Batchelor it’s all about the customers, “What makes it worthwhile at the end of the day is the customers. The customers treat us like we’re family.”

From our comprehensive training program and ongoing support to the opportunity to serve their communities while making a better life for themselves and their families, there are many reasons our franchisees love owning a franchise in The UPS Store network. What will you like best? Contact our franchise development team today to learn how to get your The UPS Store franchise started.